Impossible Supermum


Supermum doesn’t exist – we’re just going to be the best we can be!

Mothers are busy, stressed, guilty, unbalanced and unhappy.

We are trying to balance life, children, work, study, career, lack of sleep, mental illness, pressure from society, money… and wondering when, exactly, will we feel like we have it all together?

We wont.

Supermum is a myth. It is impossible to have it all, and you’re going to make yourself and sick and miserable trying.

Instead, we’ve got a new focus:

We’re going to be the BEST WE CAN BE. Some days our best is just surviving. Other moments, we are really thriving. That’s okay.

We’ve written some motivational e-books to inspire mama’s to be their best, and leave the supermum myth in the impossible realm.


Shape your dream life… if you’re feeling disillusioned or unhappy with your motherhood journey, this e-book for you.
Remove the negativity from your life and replace it with the building blocks of happiness.

A self-help book for mothers who have been through depression or anxiety and are ready to create a life that is simpler and happier. Covering techniques such as finding your passion, letting go of negativity, decluttering your space, and believing in yourself, mothers can find the spark within to create their own dream life and be the best they can be.

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