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The Motherhood Project is made up of a series of ventures to get mothers talking a little bit more honestly to each other, to make PND more acceptable to talk about, to accept that motherhood is hard work and sad and mundane as well as rewarding and fun, to make motherhood more natural, for us women to trust our bodies and our instincts.

The need to talk honestly about motherhood is strong, so women are empowered, united, and don’t feel so alone for feeling how they do. With ‘mummy wars’ raging and the media racing to pit parenting styles against another (think breast/formula!), its time to adopt a more supportive approach.

The writers at The Motherhood Project have united to create the collaborative and supportive environment we want to see more of! We parent differently, we have different beliefs and values, yet we are all great parents raising awesome families.

The Motherhood Project is about taking down the brave face we mothers seem so determined to put on. It’s about meeting the needs of our children (sometimes at the expense of our own needs) so we can raise healthy, secure children. It’s about looking after ourselves so we can be the best mother/partner/wife/daughter/sister/co-worker we can be.

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  • You don’t see the reality behind my child’s autism…

    You see him spitting on the playground, but you don’t see that my child has only just learnt to talk. Aged 5. You see him screaming at me, refusing to get into the car, you don’t see his tears of frustration because he didn’t get to …
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  • Picking up the pieces

    I know that things here at The Motherhood Project have been pretty quiet! Between our collaborative team, we’ve sold businesses, had sick kids, moved house, had new babies, been sick ourselves, suffered loss, death, sickness and stress in our families and close friends. In other words… …
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  • Why self-care is so important

    I spend all day saying to children: ‘washing your hands is so important, get dressed and stay warm, you need a good night’s sleep and occasionally an early night, eat well to stay healthy, take an hour of quiet time to recharge, get outside to get …
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  • Kids in the Kitchen

    At the end of a busy day, the aim is to get dinner on the table as soon as possible… all while dodging pot-clattering toddlers, fighting children, and the homework battles. So the suggestion to let kids help with meal preparation might make you want to …
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  • Basic CMYK

    Munch: Making lunchboxes MMMMMM!

    This week we’ve been having fun with the goodies sent to us from Munch to show you! Munch is a New Zealand business, growing fast and run by mums – the type of business we love to support! It was started by Anna when she wrote …
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  • The real side of motherhood (and more reflux)

    I read a blog the other day that talked about how as Mum’s we tend to share the good moments of our days with our friends and family on facebook and it made me think about the last month since Eric’s arrival and what I share… …
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  • Post birth glow!

      The world was abuzz with the arrival of HRH Princess Charlotte this week, and with it come a flood of scrutiny on her famous mother. When she walked onto the steps post-birth, the Duchess looked amazing. She had a radiant smile, framed by her beautiful …
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  • Vaccinations.

    When asked to put my thought about vaccinations into words I was intimidated. Such a hot topic and one that can cause friction.   But I loved Shayne’s post and I sighed with relief that it was a post in tune with my own thoughts. Which …
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  • Does School Have To Start At 5?

    My son is about to turn 5. Yay, he’s going to school, but oh no, he’s going to school! Any other parents have mixed emotions on this? You know school is not compulsory in New Zealand until the child turns 6, yet pretty much everyone sends …
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  • 11075213_1026492487385494_7205533481622260657_n

    Recipe: Fruit Pizza

    Sliced watermelon, topped with cut fruit and drizzled in honey, yoghurt, coconut cream … this one is too easy to need a recipe, but doesn’t it look fantastic! Its a fantastic sugar-free healthy party food option, looks great for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dessert!
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